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Rick van Zeijl 431 Reputation points

Dear all,

Why isn't it possible to search for content within Microsoft Team's wiki section? Is there any way to search for content in Microsoft Team's wiki's?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. GK87 191 Reputation points

    Hi guys,

    This is a request which can be found under the Microsoft Teams UserVoice here. However, it it still receiving votes but Microsoft hasn't done much with it... So make sure to give it an upvote, but I wouldn't expect much in the near future for it (sadly enough).

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  1. Nimesh Ekanayake 21 Reputation points

    The feature was in backlog but now its being planned. I suppose we will receive an update soon.

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  2. Travis Scott 21 Reputation points

    As of 8/10/20, I can use the top level Search bar in Teams to find a wiki page containing a keyword, but the experience that follows is nonsensical:

    1. The main pane shows “Check out your search results on the left”. In the left bar, “Messages” is shown with “We didn’t find any matches.” If I click Files, it shows a “.mht” document containing the keyword I searched (so why not display the hit you DID find in the first place?)
    2. When I click on the .mht file in the left bar, the main pane shows “Preview not available. Please download the file”. Why not just take me to the wiki page?
    3. When click the “Download” button, it downloads a .mht file. When I doubleclick the downloaded file, it opens by default in internet explorer (?). a plain text notice appears at the top: “This page is automatically updated from the Wiki in Microsoft Teams - any changes made here will be overwritten. To edit this page, open it in Microsoft Teams.” There is no link or apparent way to open in teams, however, and I was unable to figure out how to associate the .mht file type with Teams.
      Posting this feedback on also.
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  3. Pim Wennekes 176 Reputation points

    we actually use the wiki of Azure DevOps instead. Search works perfect here (apart from mentioned people....)


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  4. Anonymous

    Would really love to know if this is available now, or will be available soon. I don't know what good a wiki is if you cannot search it.

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