How to receive json data in web api?

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I am using .net core web api but I can not receive json data.

public async Task<IActionResult>PostAsync(string username,string password)



the username=null and password is null .

someone tell me should add [FromBody] but I can only add one.

and I do not want to put the parameter in a class object.

I only want to use the seperate parameter.

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  2. AgaveJoe 27,656 Reputation points

    someone tell me should add [FromBody] but I can only add one. and I do not want to put the parameter in a class object. I only want to use the separate parameter.

    Your requirement is not possible by design in Web API Core. You'll need to write custom middleware to accomplish this task.

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  3. Bruce ( 61,416 Reputation points

    its simple:

    public class PostRq
          public string username {get; set;}
          public string password {get; set;}
     public async Task<IActionResult>PostAsync(PostRq rq)

    in javascript call:

    var response = await fetch(url, {
        method: "POST",
        headers: {"Content-Type": "application/json"},
        data: JSON.stringify({username, password})
    }).then(r => r.json());

  4. Zhi Lv - MSFT 32,101 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @mc ,

    public async Task<IActionResult> PostAsync( string username,  string password)  
        return Ok("Success");  

    By using the above code, to transfer parameter to the method, you can use the Query String method: add the parameter at the end of the request url, like this: https://localhost:44310/api/todo?username=Jack&password=abc123

    Then, the result as below:


    If you want to transfer the data from request body and use json format, it is better to create a model, then use the following script to get send the parameter:


    you can download the code from here

    The result as below:


    Besides, you can also try to get the parameter from the form, check the following sample code:

    JavaScript code: use the FormData object to transfer data:



        public async Task<IActionResult> PostAsync([FromForm]string username,  [FromForm]string password)  
            return Ok("Success");  

    The result as below: when using Postman, select the form-data:


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