How I create the restoration point from the principal disk to save in the other disk?


I want to save my restore point from my principal disk in the other disk, because I use the other disk to save backups of system and principal disk, so, I don't have idea how I will do it, I just know to do the restore point automatically, I need to create a new task on the scheduler, but, when I create the task, obviously, the restore point is created in the principal disk, what's the command that I have order to the scheduler create the restore point in the wanted disk?

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    I believe System restore point locations are by Design and it can not be changed from Default location due security.

    Please have a look on below Microsoft threads discussed.

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  2. Anonymous

    So, to export my restore point, I need to install program or to do another options with risk to fail or crash, but I have one question, we create the automatic restore points in the task scheduler and in the action options, we would specify the PowerShell program to execute the restore point command, however, on the "start in", could we specificity what disk we want to create the restore point? Or the Windows won't let me create it on another disk?
    Access this website to you understand better:
    It's the options that I have doubt:

    I think my question is possibly a safer solution, but I don't know if it's possible in the practice

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