Provide information for recommended "Size of the regular memory pool" used in "ux_system_initialize" API for Host/ device class

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I want to know how i can finalize the recommended "Size of the regular memory pool" used in "ux_system_initialize" API while using USBX Host/ Device Class in my application code . Refer below code snipet :

UINT ux_system_initialize(VOID *regular_memory_pool_start,
ULONG regular_memory_size,
VOID *cache_safe_memory_pool_start,
ULONG cache_safe_memory_size);

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  1. Chaoqiong Xiao 486 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    There is no easy API for memory allocation check, but there is some way to check memory usage, by checking fiedls in global _ux_system.

    The regular memory passed by ux_system_initialize splits to two part: the system structures and memory pool for allocation.
    So at any time the memory usage is as follow:

    ux_global_structure_memory_bytes = (ALIGN_TYPE)_ux_system -> ux_system_regular_memory_pool_start - (ALIGN_TYPE)_ux_system;
    ux_allocated_regular_memory_bytes = _ux_system -> ux_system_regular_memory_pool_size - _ux_system -> ux_system_regular_memory_pool_free;

    The total usage is the sum of above two.

    Thus the size of memory usage can be estimated.

    Note with UX_ENABLE_MEMORY_STATISTICS defined there is another variable _ux_system -> ux_system_regular_memory_pool_min_free can be used to check max memory usage.

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