Problem with Server 2022 testing machine

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I've created a new VM with Server 2022 [Version 10.0.20348.202] installed. I've added additional volumes for testing and then installed the HLK client. On the controller (running on 2019), I've moved the machine to my test pool. Each time I try to get the controller to connect, it just spins. When I look on the 2022 box in the event log, I find

Source: WTT
Event ID: 1001
Message: Recursion too deep; the stack overflowed.

I've rebuilt BOTH of the machine several times. I've pulled down new version of the HLK. (Yes, I'm downloading the 2022 HLK.) Always the same result.

Am I just that unlucky, blind or is there something wrong that needs to be fixed?

Thanks in advance...

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