Siri Disambiguation not working in Xamarin.iOS SoupChef Example Project?

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I have an existing Xamarin Forms project, and I am trying to add Siri capabilities to use existing functionality within the app.

I just want to make a Siri Shortcut to get Siri to prompt me for details of an object, tell Siri a detail, then have Siri return a list of objects matching that detail. Because I am using custom objects, I will need to use custom intents, just like in the Soupchef examples below.

I followed this Microsoft's Xamarin.iOS Soupchef guide, which is a Xamarin project that is binded with an objective-c version of the original Swift Soupchef project, on which it is based on. I have successfully built and installed both the Xamarin.iOS and Swift projects to my iPhone, and I realized that only the native Swift project is able to handle Siri Disambiguation, which is where Siri is able to prompt the user to fill in missing details in the custom intent request.

The siri requests are done through the Shortcuts App, where users are able to select the native Soupchef project and configure the shortcuts to ask the user for input for different fields. In the swift Soupchef project, the fields are configurable, where you can choose the "Ask Each Time" option to get Siri to prompt the user for field values that have this option selected.

However, in the Xamarin iOS project, users are not able to configure each field with the "Ask Each Time" option for each field, thus making the shortcut more hard coded and less robust.
I don't know if there is a big discrepency between the objective-c version of soupchef used in the xamarin project and the swift project itself or something is being lost in the binding, but the projects don't seem to have the same siri capabilities.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been stuck on this for a while now and can't seem to figure it out.

Screenshot of Swift SoupChef project Siri Shortcut with configurable fields

Screenshot of Xamarin.iOS SoupChef project Siri Shortcut with no configurable fields

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