Installing or updating of Office365 breaks functionality with ACEDAO.dll

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We have an C++ application, which has been working for years without any problem until Office365/Microsoft365 has been installed on machine. Application uses ACEDAO.dll and every time when Office365 is installed or upgraded, the functionality, which is used for working with Access database, is broken. If user installs Access Database Engine 2013-2016, the application works fine, but after reinstalling or updating Office365 the application is broken again.

We use the following code to import ACEDAO.dll

#import <ACEDAO.dll> rename( "EOF", "AdoNSEOF" )

And it worked fine with Access Database Engine 2010-2016, and with Microsoft Office 2010-2016.

The following code worked fine:

DAO::_DBEngine* dbTestEngine = NULL;    
HRESULT hr = CoCreateInstance(__uuidof(DAO::DBEngine),NULL,CLSCTX_ALL,IID_IDispatch,(LPVOID*)&dbTestEngine );

And it looks like that the instance is created without problem, but then, when application tries to open database using the method OpenDatabase, it is just hanging.
The our code is the similar to the following:

DAO::DatabasePtr dbTest = NULL;
dbTest = dbTestEngine->OpenDatabase((_bstr_t)g_pDoc->strTestDB);

We suspect that the reason may be that the Office still does not support all of the interfaces for non-Office applications and installing or updating of Office 365 breaks Access Database Engine mechanisms every time.
We found the following article - - and hoped that the last updates will solve the problem, but it was not happened.
We tried to repair Office 365 as it was mentioned in the article, but it also did not help.

Reinstalling of Access Database Engine helps, but it is very annoying.

Does anyone have the similar problem?
What do we do wrong, maybe we missed something?

We also found the article about Microsoft SSMA and the same problem with Office 365, but it has been written in 2019 and we hope that some things might have changed -

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