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why is set-mguserphoto or update-mguserphoto read only?

Is there a roadmap or something that will tell me when these commands will no longer be read-only?

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Please conform if the commands in question are part of the MS Graph PowerShell SDK and what you mean by read-only.

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YEs both of these commands are part of the Microsoft Graph SDK and should be used to either set or update a photo for a user through PowerShell. But for some reason they are read-only so they cannot actually make any changes. To make changes you have to go to the API or run the older Azure commands set-userphoto.

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Okay, we are looking into this.

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I am assuming you trying to set or update the user profile photo using the Graph Powershell SDK. Is that right?

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That is correct. I currently have some complex code that accesses the Graph API to keep users photos up to date, but I would love to replace it with the SDK, since that is much easier to use.

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