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I started a DFS replication from server01 to server02 (both Windows 2019), let say I replicate folder: TEAMIT.

When I check DFSR report it says there is no backlogs from Server01 to Server02 but there 10 backlogs from Server02 to Server01.

How could it be possible to get a backlogs from Server02 if DFS target is activated just on Server01 for users? The users are not abled to get in Server02 yet. They still on Server01.


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  1. Limitless Technology 37,746 Reputation points

    Hello Samath,

    I would try 2 things:

    First, ensure that network port TCP 135 (RPC) is open in the host not receiving backlog (create an exception rule in Windows Firewall if needed: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/netsecurity/new-netfirewallrule?view=windowsserver2019-ps)

    Second: open the DFS management console and make sure the links are enabled for that server

    And, something that fixes in most cases, if everything else is alright: pull out the issue member from the Namespace, reboot and then add to the replication set. Once it is replicating successfully, add to the Namespace.

    If this doesn't help at all, I would follow up by looking into DFRS Events for potential clues in the Errors or Warnings.

    Hope this helps you narrowing it down,
    Best regards,

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  2. Samath 121 Reputation points

    Ha! Ha! So in short there is no logical explanation.:-)

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  3. Falcon IT Services 186 Reputation points

    Hello Samath,

    When you run DFSR report, the process likely writes to server02 as part of the test in order to ensure bi-directional replication.


    Miguel Fra

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