domain controller 2016 DNS zones empty

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I dont know what happen after scavenging all DNS records and folders are missing from my only domain controller
i have no backup as i didn't even have time to set up the backup
now i have this - how can i recreate the folders ? they are all missing like dc , _sites,_tcp , etc
I also have these events : The DNS server has loaded the zone _msdcs.Otojuste.local from file NULL on server DC.Otojuste.local. [virtualization instance: .].
The DNS server has loaded the zone Otojuste.local from file NULL on server DC.Otojuste.local. [virtualization instance: .].

looks like a file should exist in place of NULL


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  1. cthivierge 4,056 Reputation points

    From the test i have done, if the DNS Zone is AD integrated and it has never been changed for a file, you should be able to restart the netlogon service on the DC to recreate all folder /records.

    But if the DNS Zone has been configured into a file, event if revert configuration to AD integrated, you cannot recreate those records by restarting the Netlogon service

    Can you validate if the records are still in the Domain DNS Zone & Forest DNS Zone Partitions ?

    You can see this informations using the console adsiedit.msc

    Click Action / Connect To
    Click on the radio button "Select a well known Naming Context:
    Select Configuration
    Click Ok

    Open the configuration partition and click on CN=Partitions
    On the right side, right click on the DomainDNSZone and click on New Connection from Here
    You will have a connection to the DomainDNSZone on the left side

    Click on the DomainDNSZone on the left side and navigate to CN=MicrosoftDNS
    Under that, you should see the DNS Zones. Are you able to see the different records under each DNS Zones ?

    Do the same thing for the Forest DNSZone

    Also, what is the Scavenging configuration for the Refresh interval / No-Refresh interval ?

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  1. cthivierge 4,056 Reputation points

    Hmmm... that's weird... normally a scavenging does not delete this...

    Have you tried to restart the netlogon service on the DC ?

    net stop netlogon && net start netlogon


  2. cthivierge 4,056 Reputation points

    Does the zones were AD Integrated of in a file (C:\Windows\System32\dns...) ?
    By default, the DNS zones are AD Integrated.

  3. tarek H 181 Reputation points

    yes i can see some


    i was able to run another dc , i can see everything in the dns .. is there a way to backup and restore ?

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  4. Limitless Technology 39,481 Reputation points

    Hello @tarek H ,

    Does your successfully registered DNS records are no longer present in a DNS zone?

    A cumulative list of reasons that cause DNS records to disappear from DNS zones are listed in the below link and Depending on the issue, the resolutions change.

    Hope this answers all your queries, if not please do repost back.
    If an Answer is helpful, please click "Accept Answer" and upvote it : )

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