Task Scheduler: c:\Windows\System32\Tasks\ there is no here my folder with my task

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I have a question for you. I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance

I created a folder in the Task Scheduler under the Task Scheduler Library. The name of this folder is "HUN". And I created a task in this folder too.
The task is running well. The name of the task is "Sql_copy".

I would like to save the task from here --> c:\Windows\System32\Tasks\HUN\Sql_copy

I could always find my tasks on this route on my other computers. But it is no available.

Windows user: Administrator

The user has full control in the Security of the (c:\Windows\System32) Tasks folder.

Edition: Windows 10 Pro

Version: 20H2

I have another computer: Edition: Windows 8.1 Pro. I can not see the same folder with the task.

There are two more computers (Edition: Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro, Version: 21H1). I can find, open and save the task.

How can this happen?

Where can I find my folder with the task?

Yes, I know that the scheduled tasks are stored in the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule...) and the mentioned folder with the task is visible there.
I also checked this option (C:\Windows\Tasks). My folder and the task are not located here.

So why can I not find it here: c:\Windows\System32\Tasks\ ?

I really hope someone can help me or give me some ideas, how to solve it.


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  1. MotoX80 32,531 Reputation points

    So why can I not find it here: c:\Windows\System32\Tasks\

    Without access to your computer to look around, it is impossible for forum users to "see" what you have done.

    You should not be touching those files anyway. Use Computer Management, schtasks.exe or Powershell's Get-ScheduledTask command to modify tasks.

    What are you trying to do with those files?

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  2. Kristof_hun 1 Reputation point

    Dear MotoX80,

    Thanks your quick reply.

    I would like to back up the task(s).
    There are multiple users can expand and modify scheduled tasks, so it is important that I can save the last state of any task.

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  3. MotoX80 32,531 Reputation points

    How about using Powershell to save in XML format?

    $BackupFolder = "C:\Temp\TaskBackup"                       # Where to put the files, do not include trailing slash 
    $SubFolders =@("\","\WPD\", "\Mozilla\")                   # Task folders to include. Must have slashes. "\" is the root folder
    $AllTasks = get-scheduledtask 
    foreach ($task in $AllTasks) {
        if ($task.TaskPath -notin  $SubFolders) {
            "Ignoring {0} - {1}" -f $task.TaskName, $task.TaskPath 
        } else {
            "Processing task {0}" -f $task.TaskName
            $Folder = "{0}{1}" -f $BackupFolder,  $task.TaskPath  
            if ((Test-path $Folder) -eq $false) {
                New-Item -Path $Folder -ItemType Directory                  # Create the directory
            $task  | Export-ScheduledTask | Out-File -FilePath "$folder\$($task.TaskName).xml" 
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  4. Limitless Technology 39,471 Reputation points

    Hello Kristofhun,

    In my experience there are 2 main factors that will contribute here:

    1. Tasks are hidden. First in view tab I would select Show Hidden Task. If it is selected, the deselect, then with the "up arrow" that appears on the top of task sections, and close closed all panes. Then that task may show up.
    2. After changing the hostname of a computer, Scheduled tasks using specific Logon accounts will not work anymore, and you will need to recreate.

    Hope this helps you narrow it down,
    Best regards,