Unable to register the azure migrate appliance

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I've downloaded the Azure migration appliance and spun it up on a on prem hyperV host. All the prerequisites it runs are fine, including connectivity. I ran the troubleshooting and diagnostics tool and that came back with no issues as well.

I have owner permissions on the account I'm using to register the appliance. Here is the error I continue to get:

Failed to save configuration
Azure Key Vault create or update operation failed for 'https://EliteAccountin8169kv.vault.azure.net' due to the error: 'Client address is not authorized and caller is not a trusted service.Client address: appid=1950a258-227b-4e31-a9cf-717495945fc2;oid=4d1a7ec7-9e4a-4624-b963-5bfdf463226c;iss=https://sts.windows.net/85222753-1c80-465b-9dea-4102c9982125/Vault: EliteAccountin8169kv;location=centralus'.

I am using private endpoints. The address in the error is the IP of our Cisco Meraki. I sort of understand the error but I'm a little unclear as to how to fix it. I just checked the resource group that the appliance was configured in and there are a lot of private endpoints. How many do I need?

I have been using the azure migrate documentation up until this point but it doesn't mention how to fix this. I have also opened a support ticket with Azure but havent heard back from them.

Any help is appreciated!


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