Users see a different calendar than the user itself sees

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Today I ran into a strange problem. Users have added user X's calendar using the GAL, however the calendar that they see does not match the calendar that user X sees in his Outlook our Webmail.

When troubleshooting, I gave myself permissions to the user's mailbox. After I've did that the calendar matches what user X sees himself. After removing the permissions, I saw the same again as everyone else in the organization.

I have no idea where to look next. It think that user X has created a new agenda and has removed the default agenda, but I can't find it anywhere. Where does the calendar in the GAL come from and how do I check that?

Hopefully one of you can help me!

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  1. Dylan Hanssen 101 Reputation points


    Thanks for the tip. I ran this one, but all values ​​were correct and there was no calendar anywhere else. The problem has now been resolved.

    The solution:
    I have reset the permissions from the calendar for the whole organization. After changing those permissions, the correct calendar was visible.

    My guess is that there was a synchronization problem somewhere. Who will say.

    Thanks for thinking along!

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  1. Yuki Sun-MSFT 29,961 Reputation points

    Hi @DylanHanssen-3657,

    Users have added user X's calendar using the GAL, however the calendar that they see does not match the calendar that user X sees in his Outlook our Webmail

    The calendar added via GAL is the default calendar of the user. So agree with the assumption you mentioned that the calendar which user X sees is a different calendar created by himself/herself, rather than the primary calendar of the mailbox.

    Normally, we are not able to delete the default calendar, the "delete calendar" option is grayed out for the primary calendar:
    But by "can't find it anywhere", do you mean you cannot see the default calendar even when you are granted permissions to user X's mailbox? How about user X himself/herself, can he/she see the default calendar that the others users see?

    If the the mysterious is not visible anywhere, I'd recommend trying to connect to Exchange Online powershell(assuming the mailbox is hosted in exchange online as noticed you are using the Exchange online related tag), then run the command below to see if you can see the calendar folder:

    Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -Identity UserX | Select FolderPath  

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