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I have developped an application in MS Access 2007 - 2016 using an SQL server for the data tables and Access as Front End.
The application starts by AutoMacro with a form that lets you choose the language used throughout the application and open the switchboard.

Now I compacted and repaired the application and debugged the VBA code with no errors signaled. When I save the application as accde file the runtime version would open but no code is executed.

Whre's the hickup?

Thanks for any advise, boz

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  1. Bernhard Zweifel 41 Reputation points


    currently I test the runtime version on the machine I used to develop the application.

    • Trusted locations I set in the Trust Center are the linked drive to the NAS where the linked tables (MySQL) reside, the external drive where the application is stored, and the machine drive for ...\Microsoft Office\root\Office16... (I know I have to expect problems when I want to access my database from an external machine and site, but I will address these issues when "Microsoft" trusts my own installation)
    • Trusted Documents is activated.
    • Add-Ins are local (your most valuable AccDevTools and dbPix3.0)
    • I checked that these security settings are correct in Windows registry entries

    Anything else to consider.

    Best regards, boz

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  2. Karl Donaubauer 1,726 Reputation points MVP


    currently I test the runtime version on the machine I used to develop the application.

    Sounds dangerous. ;-)

    How do you do this? Are both versions on the machine, i.e. a full version of Access (which?) and the Runtime (which?) or did you uninstall the full version before you installed the Runtime?

    The registry settings can be tricky depending on the installation variant: Windows Installer or ClickToRun? CTR has its own bubble and you don't always see what you believe to see in terms of paths, registry etc. Therefore in cases of a Runtime install with such problems I prefer to copy Gunter's tool into the folder of the accdb/accde and double click it there. This way I don't get tricked by a bubble, sandbox, deviation or whatever.

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    Access-FAQ (de, it)

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  3. Bernhard Zweifel 41 Reputation points

    Thanks for your continued support.

    Well, perhaps I was a little sloppy with my wording: What I did is this:

    1. Once I was satisfied with my app (MyApplication.accdb) functioning as front end I validated the VBA Code (Debugging), repaired and compacted the file (database tools) and made a backup (Save As...).
    2. I saved the very same file as MyApplication.accde on my machine I used for the development work to use it in a future runtime environment (I have a laptop with a runtime version installed I will use for demonstration purposes even from remote sites; but that is a next challenge)
    3. I try to open the file and get stuck with the first time code should run.

    I used the same procedure successfully when I used MyData.accdb instead of data on an SQL server. But im not sure that the SQL server is the source of the problem. In the development environment, using MyAplication.accdb I can see the data on the server, add records and create reports.

    Best regards, boz