What is wrong with this T-Sql statement

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Dear All,

What's wrong with the following select statement?

string M_Surname="";
string M_GivenName="";
string M_MiddleName="";
int M_StudentID=0
string sSql = "SELECT Top 14 StudentID,Surname,GivenName,MiddleName,ChiName,Remarks FROM Student "

  • "Order by Surname,GivenName,MiddleName,StudentID "
  • "Where Pad(Surname,50)+Pad(GivenName,50)+Pad(MiddleName,50)+Cast(StudentID as Char(8))>"
  • M_Surname.PadRight(50, ' ') + M_GivenName.PadRight(50, ' ') + M_MiddleName.PadRight(50, ' ') + M_StudentID.PadLeft(8, ' ');


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    What's wrong with the following select statement?

    Nearly everthing. The command order ist wrong, right is SELECT FROM WHERE ORDER.
    And PAD isn't a valid Transact SQL function.

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