Users can't login on website with MSAL library when using an IOS device with Company portal app installed

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We have a .NET 4.5.2 web forms project that has login functionality using the MSAL javascript library. It works fine for everyone except IOS devices that have the Company Portal app installed. The user gets prompted to choose their email and enter the password and in their azure logs the login request is marked as success, but when the user getenter code heres redirected back to the website the login does not continue.
We are using msal v1.3.0-beta.0.

Our cache variable in msalconfig.js looks like this:

 cache: {
        cacheLocation: "sessionStorage", // This configures where your cache will be stored
        storeAuthStateInCookie: false, // Set this to "true" if you are having issues on IE11 or Edge

Does anyone know what might cause this?

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  1. VipulSparsh-MSFT 16,011 Reputation points

    @Jon Dadi Not sure about the exact issue, but I would start with checking a working and nonworking scenario.
    You can collect Xcode logs from IOS device when they have Company portal (Intune) and collect the same logs from another device when you do not have the CP app installed, see what actions are failing or not expected.

    Post that, you can also raise this query from Intune team via support or by using this tag thread as the behavior is only happening after CP app installation and Intune team owns CP app.


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