Copy folders using csv in powershell

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I am fairly new to powershell with little to no experience in scripting. I have a task to copy folders from source to destination but it has some tricky part in it.
I have one source folder C:\source\ where all the folders and subfolders are resided.

And I have a csv file where I have two separate columns to copy from source to destination.



IE two different companies have folders in same source folder so need to copy them and paste it in different destination folders.

Here is the code I tried with some understanding from the internet.

$source       = Get-Childitem "C:\source"  
$destination1 = "C:\dest\company1\"  
$destination2 = "C:\dest\company2\"  
$csv          = import-csv "C:\Scripts\copytask.csv"  
foreach ($row in $csv) {  
    if($source -contains $row.company1){  
        robocopy "C:\source\$($row.company1)*" $destination1 /E   
    elseif($source -contains $row.company2){  
        robocopy "C:\source\$($row.company2)*" $destination2 /E   

but I am not getting any output when I run the script and not copying as well.

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  1. MotoX80 32,736 Reputation points

    If your images are correct, then $($row.company1) will contain '11', but the actual folder name is 'folder(11)'.

    You need to look at the folder names.

     if(($source).Name -contains $row.company1){

    With robocopy, you need to put the folder names in both the source and destination parameters. I don't think that you want to just use $destination1 as the second parameters

    Here is my reply to your first post.

    I didn't fully test this, but give it a try. I added "/l" to robocopy so that it didn't spam your file system if the names were wrong. This assumes that you want to copy c:\Source\Folder11 to c:\Dest\Company1\Folder11.

    $source =  "C:\source"
    $destination1 = "C:\dest\company1\"
    $destination2 = "C:\dest\company2\"
    $csv = import-csv "C:\Scripts\copytask.csv"
    $srcFolders = Get-ChildItem -Path $source
     foreach ($folder in $SrcFolders) {      
        foreach($row in $csv) {
            if($ -match $row.company1 ) {                # does 'folder(11)' contain '11'?    
                robocopy "C:\source\$($Folder.Name)" "$destination1$($folder.Name)" /E /L