Create connection monitor: "Network Watcher is not supported in the selected region" for all regions

Teresa Appelgate (MOTIV INC) 1 Reputation point Microsoft Vendor

I need to troubleshoot network issues, but all of the troubleshooting tools depend on Network Watcher. I cannot find a way to make Network Watcher work.

No matter what region I select, I get the same "not supported in this region" error. I tried every single option in the menu, from East US to Brazil. From other posts on this site, I gather that the feature is supported somewhere, but I can't get there from here.

Azure Network Watcher
Azure Network Watcher
An Azure service that is used to monitor, diagnose, and gain insights into network performance and health.
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  1. suvasara-MSFT 10,016 Reputation points

    @Teresa Appelgate (MOTIV INC) , Looks like you haven't enabled/registered for Network watcher feature in your subscription. If not then you might not have created NW in any of the available regions. Please do create a Network Watcher in the desired location where you are planning to deploy the connection monitor.

    Create a Network Watcher in the portal.


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  2. Teresa Appelgate (MOTIV INC) 1 Reputation point Microsoft Vendor

    When I tried creating a network monitor, I got the following message:

    Deployment validation failed.
    Additional details from the underlying API that might be helpful: The client '' with object id '698a17f4-6fe7-49b0-92f4-42fba67ea158' does not have authorization to perform action 'Microsoft.Resources/deployments/validate/action' over scope '/subscriptions/deb73ff9-8bc5-4ade-b896-6733c7a96d37/resourceGroups/NetworkWatcherRG/providers/Microsoft.Resources/deployments/NetworkWatcher_deb73ff9-8bc5-4ade-b896-6733c7a96d37' or the scope is invalid. If access was recently granted, please refresh your credentials.

    Do you have to have subscription-level permissions to enable Network Watcher? If so, I'm sunk, because I'm an owner of my resource group but not the subscription.

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  3. Teresa Appelgate (MOTIV INC) 1 Reputation point Microsoft Vendor

    Some further research: When I checked the quota list for the subscription I work under, it says that there is a Network Watcher for my region. However, when I go to a VM's Connection Troubleshooting page, I see:

    No Network Watcher found in the selected region, Network Watcher will be enabled automatically when you perform the operation.

    When I click "Check," I get the "Deployment validation failed" message.

    I looked at the NetworkWatcherRG, and it appears to be empty despite the info on the quota page. Is this a permissions issue?

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