Unable to apply Custom Guest Configuration on Linux VMs using the nxModule

Ivan Vorobiev 1 Reputation point

Using Azure Policy, Im (unsuccessfully) applying a Custom Guest Configuration that uses the nxPackage and nxService. Troubleshooting led to me to manually apply the config using the Start-GuestConfigurationPackageRemediation cmdlet with the Verbose flag. It produced the following errors which makes me scratch my head:


Im confused why the NX module isn’t found or recognized, as it is successfully imported by the configuration into the GuestConfig directory.

Moreover, why is the Guest Config looking for a shared library file. The provided resources unfortunately contain only the MOF files

For added clarity, Im following the Microsoft guide linked below. Also, I tried creating the simple custom Class based resource as described during the guide, which was successfully applied to the VMs. So, the problem seems to be limited to the MOF based resources, eg. the NX module.

This is run on Ubuntu 18 with the Guest Config extension installed. My config package is configured as following:

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