How to reply to all with attachments (outlook version 16.52)

NUNO MARZIA 36 Reputation points

I use Outlook version 16.52 on Mac and when I reply to all how can I use the attachs of the original mail?

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  1. ChristyZhang-MSFT 12,386 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Welcome to our forum!

    According to your description, I understand that you want to attach the attachment of the original email when replying to all, right?

    If so, the method mentioned by Barry schwarz-8780 is indeed a good way to forward the original message and enter all recipient addresses.

    In addition of course there is a more convenient method. Please refer to the following steps:
    1.Click Outlook at the top>Preferences…>Composing>Under HTML tab, unclick Close the original message window after replying or forwarding;

    2.Double click the original email and click Reply all, then the reply email will displayed in a new window;

    3.Drag the attachment of the original message to the reply message.

    4.Then you can reply to all recipients with the attachment of the original message.

    Hope the above help!

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  1. AJ 26 Reputation points

    It's just crazy that after more than 40 years (!!!) of email, something as trivial as this is not addressed in Outlook. If it were for me I wouldn't use Outlook at all, but unfortunately that's what was chosen in my organization. The responses providing "solutions" are crazy here. Both are terrible work-arounds to something so simple that has been solved by many competitors in free products.

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  2. Henrique 20 Reputation points

    This absurdly simple matter should be addressed, for god's sake. I have a very bureaucratic job where it's demanded that everything must be formalized by email - and in many cases we have to add third parties as well as remove some of the original people copied in the message; sometimes all of the attachments are forwarded, some times only a few of them, but in all cases, we keep the original people, the original attachments and then we add new people. There should be a "replay all with attachments" button! It shouldn't be that hard. It doesn't need to be the default option for most users but the option should be there. The sad thing is that I tried many other email clients and not only Outlook, but none of them show that option. I don't understand how come no developer thought of that.

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  3. Victor Ivanidze 21 Reputation points

    Try to use ReplyWithAtt add-in.

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  4. Murgan Subbiah 0 Reputation points

    Good response AJ.

    They keep asking for feedbacks a million times and all the surveys seems like nobody bothers to do any, these work arounds are a nuisance if there are several emails and several attachments.

    I am not a programmer but below is link to vba code to set up a quick macro and copy paste this code and link it to a button or just run the macro. I tested it it works REPLY ALL WITH ATTACHMENTS.,and%20ReplyWithAttachments%20to%20the%20buttons.

    I hope it works for everyone.


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