Feature Request - Azure SQL Managed Instance long-term backup retention - at the instance level

Chad Bentz 26 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

Feature Request: apply LTR policy at the Server/Instance level (allow to be overridden at the database level)

My assumption is that in the SQL MI preview feature, LTR settings are individually applied on each Database in the instance(powershell commands require both InstanceName & DatabaseName parameters). In the Azure Portal, there is a select-all checkbox, but it just selects all the all databases in the current list.

A scenario where this would be a maintenance headache is when new databases are frequently added to the instance. In this case the LTR policies must then also be applied to that new database. Also consider the case where a database needs to be dropped, then restored again. Does the LTR policy also get dropped and then we need to recreate the policy when the DB is again recreated?

Azure SQL Database
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  1. Oury Ba-MSFT 17,786 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Chad-4001 Thank you for this suggestion to apply LTR in SQL MI at the instance level . We appreciate it. We will share and elevate your suggestion with the SQL MI product team.

    Note: Azure is working on a new Self-Serve option for customers to share and vote on product feedback. When available, you will be able to go to https://feedback.azure.com/ and share/up-vote product feature ideas.


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