Different CalendarId value returned for the same Event depending on the endpoint fetched through Graph Api.

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Hello community,

I recently started using Graph Explorer to play with the Graph Api and I wonder if somebody can give me a hand clarifying why calendarIDs returned in the Request Response are different when

Getting a Single Event + expand=calendar

than while

Listing All Events + expand=calendar

Please see below both scenarios:

Scenario 1 -> Call Specific Event and expand calendar info:


  • As a result the calendarID looks like this:

Scenario 2 -> Call All Events and expand calendar info for each one:

  • As a result the EventID looks like:
    which is the same as Scenario 1
  • But the CalendarID looks different (its longer and the end of the string does not match the one on Scenario 1):

As it can be seen CalendarIDs do not match for the same Event when using those two different endpoints. I also, find out that if I search for the specific calendarID on Scenario 1 through Graph Api:

The resulting Response brings the expected Calendar details, but the ID is the same as Scenario 2!!!. So, my believe is that the calendarID from Scenario 1 is linked, somehow, to calendarID on Scenario 2.

My questions then are, Why are different IDs pointing to the same resource? Are they different formats of the same Id(i.e. ewsId, restId, entryId, etc.)? I have been following the docs and, so far, I haven't seen any specs about calendarIds been returned differently or in different formats depending on the endpoint targeted. Has anyone faced this problem before?

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