Different CalendarId value returned for the same Event depending on the endpoint fetched through Graph Api.

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Hello community,

I recently started using Graph Explorer to play with the Graph Api and I wonder if somebody can give me a hand clarifying why calendarIDs returned in the Request Response are different when

Getting a Single Event + expand=calendar

than while

Listing All Events + expand=calendar

Please see below both scenarios:

Scenario 1 -> Call Specific Event and expand calendar info:


  • As a result the calendarID looks like this:

Scenario 2 -> Call All Events and expand calendar info for each one:

  • As a result the EventID looks like:
    which is the same as Scenario 1
  • But the CalendarID looks different (its longer and the end of the string does not match the one on Scenario 1):

As it can be seen CalendarIDs do not match for the same Event when using those two different endpoints. I also, find out that if I search for the specific calendarID on Scenario 1 through Graph Api:

The resulting Response brings the expected Calendar details, but the ID is the same as Scenario 2!!!. So, my believe is that the calendarID from Scenario 1 is linked, somehow, to calendarID on Scenario 2.

My questions then are, Why are different IDs pointing to the same resource? Are they different formats of the same Id(i.e. ewsId, restId, entryId, etc.)? I have been following the docs and, so far, I haven't seen any specs about calendarIds been returned differently or in different formats depending on the endpoint targeted. Has anyone faced this problem before?

Microsoft Graph Calendar API
Microsoft Graph Explorer API
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