Visual Studio is making sure you don't want to use VB

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Well with each update to VS the use of VB becomes harder and harder. The latest is the use of snippets. Now I created my own snippet to add a new property with a call to the INotifyChanged for the property. Lately the part which defines the property type has become broken. When I put the property type in the other places in the property code that use it have an "n" at the beginning of the property type. This is not consistent.

I just found out by using the snippet to add a dependency property that it has the same kind of problem. The property type only highlights the "tring" of "String" and thus as you put in the property type it becomes wrong.

This happens in both VS 2019 (updated today) and VS 2022 installed today.

I have cleaned the solution etc. and snippets are a non working feature.

In VS2019 there are other problems with the editor. I see errors in the code that have nothing to do with the code. I use the variable name postt as the destination of calls to a web api call but these calls were not in the class file that showed the error.

Any ideas why this is happening and perhaps how to fix the problem.

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  1. Lloyd Sheen 1,476 Reputation points

    To add to the problems , I am simply trying to get rid of my snippets so that I can start from scratch. Not to be happening. I can delete the folder. In the snippets manager it is gone. There are no snippets in the folder but when I add it the old snippets show up. WHY?????

    This should be such a simple operation but ..... (cannot think of a non rude term).

    How do I get rid (actually rid of ) snippets so that I can attempt to re input them????

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  2. Lloyd Sheen 1,476 Reputation points

    I can remove the folder , I can add it back , it is empty. After adding the folder it shows two snippets. Where did they come from????

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  3. Lloyd Sheen 1,476 Reputation points

    I have now spent about 5 hours trying to get what should be simple to work. I cannot delete/change/add snippets. When I had one it did not work correctly after working for probably 5 or 6 years. Is there anyone from MS who would like to deal with this please?

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  4. Lloyd Sheen 1,476 Reputation points

    Now an attempt to add goes to a dialog "Please choose a location for each code snippet". No locations are shown so another dead end. All the time savings for snippets has been lost in the simple attempt to remove/add one.

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  5. Lloyd Sheen 1,476 Reputation points

    Ok I found one problem with VS. In the code snippet if the default of the property starts with a small case letter it fails. Changing it to capital gets rid of that problem. Perhaps some QA MS??????