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Hi , I'm noob in 'c++' I debug my code and receive 'C1075' error. '{': no matching token found. I've used an anonymous namespace. I don't know why I receive this error.
Please help me.

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  1. WayneAKing 4,921 Reputation points

    I don't know why I receive this error.

    Fatal Error C1075


    "the left token was unmatched at the end of the file
    The compiler expected matching token before it reached the end of file.
    This error can be caused by an unmatched bracket,
    brace, or other paired character."

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  2. Sam of Simple Samples 5,526 Reputation points

    We do not know if the { is an extra one or if you are missing an ending }; that is why showing the relevant code would help. You can try deleting (or commenting out) the { but if the problem is that you instead need a } then it will be difficult to help you without seeing the code.