metadata in the insight query for QnAMaker logs

Shweta dabgar 1 Reputation point

Please let me know how to include metadata in the insight query for QnAMaker logs
somthing as this, here the meatadata field comes empty

| where url endswith "generateAnswer"
| project timestamp, id, url, resultCode, duration, performanceBucket
| parse kind = regex url with *"(?i)knowledgebases/"KbId"/generateAnswer"
| join kind= inner (
traces | extend id = operation_ParentId
) on id
| extend question = tostring(customDimensions['traces'])
| extend answer = tostring(customDimensions['Answer'])
| extend score = tostring(customDimensions['Score'])
| extend metadata = tostring(customDimensions['qnaMakerOptions'])
| project answer,['metadata']134984-screenshot-2021-09-24-at-103105-am.png

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