Microsoft Remote Desktop Freezes Constantly - Apple Macbook M1

Eduardo Herrera 16 Reputation points

I have a late 2020 first gen Macbook M1 running the latest OS (Big Sur 11.6). Every time I launch a Microsoft RDP session it works for 30 seconds or so then freezes. My VPN session is still connected and functioning and all other Mac applications are otherwise functioning but RDP freezes preventing control within the application. If I close it and relaunch it, it then works again for 30 seconds or so before freezing again. This is happening constantly to several different machines I try to reach via RDP from my Macbook. I have the latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop as provided in the app store. Any thoughts?

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Remote Desktop
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  1. Mark Wilson 16 Reputation points

    FWIW I have been using the RDP client on M1 MBA for months and haven't had this. I do have other issues but not this one.

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  2. Andy Hibbs 11 Reputation points

    I have the same problem to a point where both Remote Desktop and Remote Desktop Beta running on my 2020 M1 MacBook Pro has become unusable and I've resorted to running my Workspaces within Windows 11 for Arm running in Parallels on the Mac, which works fine.

    The problem I have is that Remote Desktop becomes unresponsive after copying something within the workspace and the multi-coloured spinning wheel remains until I force quit Remote Desktop, relaunch and open my published app again (FileMaker Pro 19 in my case).

    I've been testing and using Remote Desktop Beta and the Apple Store version for 3-years now and this problem has only crept in within the last couple of months.

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  3. Douglas Camp 6 Reputation points

    Same/similar issue here. Seems like it's only been happening the last week or so. I think there was an RD update in there somewhee. Getting the beachball and requires force quit several times a day.

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  4. Andy Hibbs 11 Reputation points

    I've just updated to Beta version Version 10.7.2 (1954) and the problem persists.

    Perhaps it would help if anyone with this problem could upvote my 'submit feedback' entry at:

    Many thanks

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  5. Gilberto x86 1 Reputation point

    I am having the issue using an Intel MacBook Pro, but it seems to only happens when the remote machine is running Windows 11. When the remote machine is running Windows 10, my connection does not freeze.

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