cause of must declare parm1... from trying create a procedure?

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When trying create a store proc from vst 2017 server explorer for a database under procedure. upon clicking the update arrow
I got the message


CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[_f_fi_sym_tooLong]  
    @fi_sym varchar(32),  
 @fi_class varchar(4),  
 @sMsg varchar(255) output   
 set @sMsg = 'must be 8 or less characters: Fi_Sym=' + @fi_sym+' fi_class='+@fi_class+', except for option symbol (when fi_class=O), max 20, or 11 max if ends with .TO'  
 RETURN -14  

I know the there is no problem with the code itself but why am I getting error on the default parms from the initial stub.

I also get similar problem with functions.
PS I'm migrating a sql anywhere database 10 to sql server, ultimately to sql server 2016 or 2019

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  1. Erland Sommarskog 77,581 Reputation points MVP

    I'm not good at SSDT, as I don't use it myself, but it seems that you press Update, which performs an build and update for the entire project, not only the stored procedure you are looking at.

    Try a Build or Validate option which will tell you where in the project you have this error.

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