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Hi all, this is about Azure caching mechanism, Azure has Redis cache available which incurs cost and and not free. Cache in itself a

temporary storage solution and doesn’t necessarily have updated data for it has to be updated by schedules and triggers. Could you

please provide an use case for Redis cache in azure and what problem does it solves? And how does it work with Cache Aside

architectures in conjunction with serverless and Microservices. Thank you

Azure SQL Database
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  1. KalyanChanumolu-MSFT 8,256 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Samy Abdul Thank you for reaching out.

    Caching makes a copy of the data (in memory or an intermediate cache like Redis).
    It can significantly improve the performance and scalability of an app by reducing the latency in getting data from the backend source.
    However, it works best with data that changes infrequently and is expensive to retrieve.

    Redis Cache is used in areas such as Gaming, Financial Services, Healthcare, and IoT where low latency is key to building products and services.
    You can go through some scenarios here
    More details on implementing cache aside pattern using Redis cache are here

    With advancements being made to databases like Azure Cosmos DB, the need for dedicated caching infrastructure could reduce going forward.
    Azure Cosmos DB integrated cache (Preview) provides several capabilities of a traditional cache like Redis, within the database itself so you don't have to set up and manage 2 different resources.

    Please let us know if you have further questions and we will be happy to help.


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