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How to debug KSP (key storage provider)

I am trying to build a KSP driver, I have download sample for KSP, build successfully and registered with windows but I don't know how to debug this Visual Studio.
Do you have any document for this?
Please help!

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Hi @TuanTran-3980

Thank you for contact Microsoft Open Specification Support.

To confirm you are implementing key storage providers that is covered by the Cryptography API Next Generation (CNG)

The the same code you downloaded is from Microsoft Cryptographic Provider Development Kit (CPDK) Version 8.0.

The CPDK also has dependencies on Windows Driver Kit which can be Download the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs. Since this is not an open spec question, I am removing [openspecs-windows] and adding [windows-api-security-crypto]

There are some additional posts that might help you.

Hungchun Yu
Microsoft Open Specifications Support.

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Hi @TuanTran-3980 ,
I have some questions to confirm with you based on your description.
What's the type of your application?

I have download sample for KSP

Could you provide more details about the sample? It will help us analyze the question.
We are waiting for your update.

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The openspec-* tags are dedicated to supporting issues related to open specifications. You can find open specifications here Since your question does not pertain to one of these specifications, I've removed the openspecs tag and added the windows-api-security-crypto tag. Hopefully this will get your post the proper attention.

Best Regards,
Jeff McCashland
Microsoft Open Specifications

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