Windows Push Notification Service - 'ttl' support appears broken

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I've successfully got VAPID cert based Push Notifications working (Chrome, FireFox, Edge on Windows and Android)

However the ttl header value when sending a push notification to the endpoint (Edge for Windows subscription) is having no effect.

It seems that the Push Notification is being handled like the old toast notifications, i.e. if the device is not online then the notification is always discarded regardless of any ttl setting (in the old case it was X-WNS-TTL header)

So the end result is I can send Push Notifications with ttl values for up 4 weeks in the future for any subscription that hits either the Google FCM or Mozilla endpoints, and it will get delivered as soon as that browser is started. But not Edge on Windows where the effective ttl is 0.

Apologies for what is probably the wrong 'tag' - I can't find any tag for WNS or Windows Notification Services

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