Getting a DMZ Server to talk to internal MP so it can be managed. I am close but seems I am missing something.

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recently I have been asked to bring a machine in our DMZ under patch control of our SCCM system. We've given it our main CA cert, along with a client auth cert from our SCCM server. I can hit the mp list URL and SMS_MP/.sms_aut?SITESIGNCERT from a browser but I seem to be getting some errors in my ClientLocation log which I will attach that lead me to think it's unable to talk. I added our site server info to the lmhost file along with the host file which allows me to ping our management point. Then I ran a client install specifying the site server FQDN and what not. The client installs, says it is on internet, but then wont talk. Logs seem to recognize the site server but I am missing something. I am hoping some one can catch what I have missed here.

SCCM version 2010 running on Windows Server 2016


Microsoft Configuration Manager
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    Hi @Thomas Faherty ,

    Could we know that there is the MP or SUP role in the DMZ? In our environment, it is recommended to install a new site server that has MP/DP/SUP roles for your test servers to take more flexible management.
    Here is the article about the best practice of deploying updates patch in DMZ server:

    If it exists already, we could try to connect the DMZ MP to check if it is normal and there is any error in these logs.

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