Teams desktop client for Ubuntu 20 with strange behaviour

Víctor Herreros 31 Reputation points


I've been using Microsoft Teams desktop client for Ubuntu several months ago and I'm recently experiencing annoying issues.

The issues are:

  1. When browsing past threads on any channel, I can only review the last three or four threads. Previous threads appear blurred. See caption 01.png:


  1. When diving into any thread with more than 2 replies, at first you can see it correctly states it has 'n' replies, but when trying to unfold the replies it only shows the last two ones. After that, if you collapse the replies, it shows the thread has only 2 replies (though it really has 'n' replies).
  2. When posting a new thread or a new reply, it doesn't instantly shows up on screen. You have to move to another channel, and then come back to the channel where you posted, to see your reply refreshed.

My environment is as follows:

  • Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS 64-bit
  • Microsoft Teams desktop client (the most recent one)

I've tried the following workarounds without success:
a) Remove teams cache (rm -rf ~/.config/Microsoft/Microsoft\ Teams/).
b) Install older Teams versions ( and
c) Install last Teams insiders version (

I've checked that this errors doesn't appear on Teams desktop client for Windows.

Any idea on how to solve it?


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  1. Víctor Herreros 31 Reputation points

    Oh, no! Same problems appear again randomly... The only way to see the complete threads is from the 'activity' section of Teams:


    Teams desktop on Linux keeps on being unstable...

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  2. Víctor Herreros 31 Reputation points

    The same problem is being experienced by my colleague also using Ubuntu 20 Teams client.

    And via web interface it remains the same. The same problem (under Ubuntu 20 - Google Chrome or under Windows 10 - Google Chrome).

    As well as, the counting of replies for each thread is messed up. For instance, take a look at this thread with 8 replies:


    When clicking on the link '8 replies from ...', you get only two replies displayed:


    And when rolling up the 2 replies, the counter shows just 2 replies! :


    A weirder sequence of actions from other thread: It has 32 replies, only 2 of them are visible, and after rolling up and down several times the replies counter shows 12 replies and finally 2 replies:





    More tricky scenario: it seems to me that this errors only appear on certain channels, and not in all of the channels I'm subscribed to.

    Don't really know if the problem is due to the client running under Linux, cause the same problem is via web interface (both in Windows and Linux environments), but the fact is that the client under Windows does not have errors...


  3. J. Zimmer 1 Reputation point

    1) Exactly the same problem here. Latest client version on Ubuntu 20.04.03 (64bit). Old posts are not shown.
    2) What's even more annoying: My conversation says that 10 replies are collapsed and when I click on "expand", then it shows only two replies.
    Exactly the same behaviour in the Web Client in Chrome Version 94.0.4606.71 (64-bit)
    Problem does not occur in Microsoft Edge for Linux (beta) browser

    3) Also, sometimes I write a post and send it but my post is not shown in the chat. Other people see it perfectly fine though.

    So, in essence, the Linux client is completely unusable. I'm gonna switch to the Browser for now.

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  4. Chaos 1 Reputation point

    Have the same issue here. And if I opened Teams in VMware's guest OS Ubuntu 21.04, teams interface can't be shown (Teams

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  5. J. Zimmer 1 Reputation point

    I'm pleased to report that, with the latest version (64-bit), most of my problems disappeared.

    @Chaos I think your issue is different to the ones mentioned above.