Where on Stack Exchange should one ask questions about SAP configuration and process?

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I have a "how might one approach this problem in SAP" question, but I'm not looking for a programming answer, since I want process and configuration suggestions, not customisation.

Despite there being an SAP tag on Stack Overflow, it is not technically a programming issue, so in theory it doesn't belong on Stack Overflow.

However, as SAP configuration is so complex and variable, it could conceivably be regarded as a very high level language, and thus become eligible for Stack Overflow?

What does the community think? Am I going to get downvoted, etc. for asking this kind of question on the SAP tag on Stack Overflow?

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  1. prmanhas-MSFT 17,901 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @course drill Thank you for your query!!!

    There are different communities out there helping customer on daily basis with issue regarding technology you are currently working in. Now each community has different set of rules and regulations and it may vary from platform to platform. For example me being part of Microsoft Q&A forum community I will be more well verse with community guidelines here and for sure can assure you that technical complexity should not be a problem to post on this platform. Similarly on Stack exchange if you go through the guidelines as mentioned here you can see what all is allowed on the forum.

    I am no expert to make a statement here what will happen as per the use case scenario you have mentioned since Moderation and other components vary from platform to platform but yes one thing for is that usually issue won't get downvoted because of its complexity and even if someone on any platform don't have technical expertise to answer they will redirect you to the correct forum as well or add correct tags as needed to help you in best way possible.
    Also I find below guideline on a query on Stack Exchange where moderator has give a zist what might be possible reason for :

    • "Thank you in advance" and other fluff like "I'm a beginner" shouldn't be in your question. They take time away from other people interpreting it and it doesn't add any value.
    • You're asking for an example several times. Asking for code is not allowed and usually someone will give you examples anyway; if they are going to answer your question. By explicitly asking for them you're just risking your question will get closed.
    • Be careful you don't make your questions too broad. Out of the 5 or 6 questions I reviewed, I would say that this one is the one that really shouldn't have been posted. It is way too broad and nobody can know exactly where you were stuck with your understanding of the problem. Give a clear description of where you got stuck and then people can actually.
    • Asking people not to downvote will only make it more likely they will. Don't put ideas in our heads (it's also fluff or noise).

    Rest assured if you have any issue regarding Azure SAP related queried feel free to post on Microsoft Q&A we will be more than happy to help you out :)

    Hope it helps!!!

    Please "Accept as Answer" if it helped so it can help others in community looking for help on similar topics.

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  2. Denys van Kempen 1 Reputation point

    Suggest to post any SAP related question to the SAP Community


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