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The Android Remote Desktop 10 app has unusable quality when there's anything moving. For instance, if I try to scroll around on a MS Word document with images on them or if I try to watch a video using the video player. I understand RDP wasn't necessarily designed for watching video or moving content, but the issue here is Remote Desktop 8 had amazing (well, much better than RD10) picture quality when trying to scroll around on MS Word or doing video playback. I'm referring to Android Remote Desktop version 8.x.x vs 10.x.x (called Remote Desktop 8 and Remote Desktop 10).

I can understand if it looks bad now because there's more compression for use on mobile networks (I know this is a feature some people requested), but in that case there should be a setting for higher quality over Wi-Fi, or am I missing an option somewhere?

The configurations I use in Remote Desktop 10 are imported straight from Remote Desktop 8 and I've checked the resolution is the same. No matter what resolution I choose if anything moves on the screen it just renders at around 3 frames / second. The quality difference shows itself even on the same devices and on the same network. I would be happy with using Remote Desktop 8, but I can only use it on my older devices, since trying to force it on the new devices results in it crashing constantly. I've also tried a variety of different android devices (mainly Samsung ones, but also Oneplus and Xiaomi), a couple different computers running everything from 4th gen i5s with the integrated graphics and 5th gen Ryzen with an Nvidia card, and different routers, switches, and different network interfaces. I've also tried since Windows version 1809 all the way till now to 20H2 - I've just ignored RD10 since RD8 was fine but now RD8 isn't supported on new devices.

Is there a way to fix the quality issues I'm having with version 10 of the app, or make version 8 stable on new devices? Thanks.

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