Ways to communicate between two programs in windows c#

Darryl Hoar 41 Reputation points

I have created a winform application in c#. I have also created a custom window service in c#.
I communicate between them using Sockets and it works fine.

Unfortunately when they are installed in a tightly secured network, the port that is opened is a problem. Getting the port "opened" in the firewall is difficult and time consuming.

Is there a method that is equally as good as sockets but won't cause the security issues I'm observing? Just checking as this has become a bit painful.


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  1. RLWA32 32,146 Reputation points

    Have you considered using named pipes?

  2. Darryl Hoar 96 Reputation points

    Do named pipes required modifications to the firewall rule set to allow them to work?
    The entire reason to move from sockets to named pipes would be to avoid this.


  3. RLWA32 32,146 Reputation points

    See the following for a discussion of the protocols used for named pipes. 4de75e21-36fd-440a-859b-75accc74487c

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