If XYZ Inc disables John Smith's Azure AD account, will John still be able to access documents shared on my company's SharePoint and OneDrive as a Guest User in my Azure AD?

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Hi there

  • My company's users shared some files on OneDrive and SharePoint with an external user at john@xyz .com (by adding him as a Guest User).
  • Now, XYZ.com (external company) disables john@xyz .com's account in their Azure AD.
  • Will this external user john@xyz .com still be able to access documents shared by our users on our company's SharePoint and OneDrive (if he still exists in our Azure AD as a Guest user)?

Thank you.

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  1. JoyZ 17,881 Reputation points

    @frob ,

    There is no official article to confirm this behavior, however as long as the account is disabled, no matter what Microsoft 365 service is logged in, an error will appear:

    Your account has been locked. Contact your support person to unlock it, then try again.

    Here is my simple test for your reference:

    1.This is an external user in Tenant A:
    2.Share a file link via "People you specify can view" as shown below:
    3.Diable the user in Tenant B:
    4.Wait a few minutes, when I copy the link and open it in the browser privacy mode, when I try to log in, an error appears:

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  1. Echo Du_MSFT 16,926 Reputation points

    Hi @frob ,

    According to my test, if you select "Anyone with the link" option to share files with jone@xyz .com. Then even if jone@xyz .com is disabled in Azure AD, jone@xyz .com can still access view these shared files.

    But if you share files with jone@xyz .com through other options, jone@xyz .com will be affected, that is, he cannot see these shared files.


    Share Link Settings:

    • Anyone with the link
    • People in <your organization> with the link
    • People with existing access
    • Specific people

    Note: Except for the first option, which can be accessed anonymously, all other options require authentication.


    Echo Du


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