Devices in SCCM Console staying self-signed while its showing PKI on the client side

Patrick Baldonado 6 Reputation points

Hi all, We initially setup our SCCM environemnt using HTTP but now decided to flip to PKI to support CMG. We only have 1 MP which is on the Primary site as well. I have switched over MP, DP and SUP to use HTTPS, also binded MP 443 port to the IIS cert I have generated. I have also switched site Communication tab to use PKI. Finally, I have pushed client auth cert through GPO and can see clients are getting certs on Personal Store. I can even see the clients switching over to PKI under SCCM client General Tab. Also verified client registered using PKI in ClientIDManagerStartup.log. My problem is when I go check Devices in SCCM Console, under client certificate, they still show as self-signed rather than PKI. Thoughts please...

Microsoft Configuration Manager
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  1. Jason Sandys 31,151 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    If you are running 2107, then this is a known console issue. To our knowledge, there is no impact of negative effects because of this. It is noted in the official docs as well: We have a work item open and intend to fix this is a future version or build.

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  2. Michael-CM 51 Reputation points

    @Jason Sandys Actual issue still exists on 2207, would be nice if you can fix it soon as it is very irritating.

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  3. Jason Sandys 31,151 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Is there anywhere we can track the progress for a new version / hotfix to this known issue?

    No, we don't make this info available publicly. From memory, this is fixed/addressed in 2111.

  4. Jason Sandys 31,151 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Yes, apologies. The work item for this issue had mistakenly been set to resolved when it in fact had been moved to our backlog where it still sits. I know this is at best annoying, but is it blocking anything for you? Either way, please use the file a frown function in the console to send your feedback making sure to include how this is impacting you and your business so that we can properly prioritize the work.

  5. Jason Sandys 31,151 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Yes, I know this is still an issue. I have no control over whether this issue is addressed, however, because of the way we now store certs, addressing the issue is non-trivial.

    Why is this irritating and what challenge or problem is it causing you (besides not knowing), i.e., what's the impact on your org?