Outlook returns conflicting version numbers. What is going on.

Mike VaughanEdwards 141 Reputation points

I am struggling with version numbers. My version of Outlook says it is "Version 2019 Build 14430.20174 (Click to run)".
However, in Outlook's VBA IDE Outlook._Application.Version gives

As it is I am not sure how I can check a user's version number reliably. Can anyone explain the difference between the two different version numbers?
I always understood that the four components of a version number were Major.Minor.Build.Revision.

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  1. Doug Robbins - MVP 711 Reputation points MVP



    to the get Version of the Office Application.

    Office 2010 was 14.0
    Office 2013 was 15.0
    Everything since then has been 16.0

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  2. Mike VaughanEdwards 141 Reputation points

    Thanks Doug and John
    What I was hoping for was some enlightenment on why the version numbers reported by Outlook > File > Office Account > About (Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2109 Build 16.0.14430.20154) 32-bit ) while the version number reported by VBA is

    14430 is in both but in different positions. and 20154 is absent in the VBA version.

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  3. Doug Robbins - MVP 711 Reputation points MVP

    16.0 is the only number that is of any consequence as far as VBA is concerned.

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