My AZ-104 Exam yesterday | I was given less time than expected time | Need help

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Hi Team,

I had my AZ-104 - Microsoft Azure Administrator exam yesterday, 30 Sep at 3 pm IST.
I am not happy as it was an exam with an Appointment Length of 120 minutes.
I started my exam around the time, still, I was only given 90+ minutes only to complete my exam after I started the exam questions.
I reported this to my proctor as well. However, I got a reply that either I can continue or the proctor can cancel the exam.

I had no choice to continue the exam with whatever time I had left with me.
It's not easy to complete the exam within less time as the questions are thorough and complex and need time to understand and answer.
I scored close to passing marks as accuracy levels dropped while I have to attempt and complete the same number of questions in less time

It's really unfair if u count the time of exam preparation in which we run a system test, do pic uploads, talk with the proctor, and check pre-exam material, etc as part of 120 minutes of the exam. Is that true?

My proctor did not tell me anything beforehand if my exam formalities mentioned above were part of exam time and why my exam time was just 90+ min instead of 120 minutes.

Request you to please look into this and provide me another opportunity to give my exam, if possible. Thanks.

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  1. S Chong 6 Reputation points

    Hi @Kapil Dhingra

    I found your question from google search. I was looking if others feel the same "annoyance" as me.
    I was also unaware that exam duration is only 100 mins, which is too short imho.
    Given the amount of texts to read (lengthy questions), scenario, case study, it's really too short.

    Unfortunately there is nothing much we can do about it.
    It seems stated in

    For non-native English speakers, we're at disadvantage.
    AWS exams has accommodation to give 30 mins extra time to non-native English speaker, which is very helpful. If only Azure can give accommodation like that :(


    Associate and expert role-based exams without labs**
    Exam duration* 100 minutes
    Seat duration* 120 minutes

    • Exam duration refers to the amount of time that you have to complete the exam. Seat time refers to the amount of time that you should allocate for the exam. It includes the time needed to review the instructions, read and accept the NDA, complete the exam questions, and provide comments after completing it (if you choose to do so).
    • **Because labs can be removed at any time due to Azure outages, bandwidth issues, etc., Microsoft does not provide a list of exams with labs. When you register for the exam, you will be provided with the exam time. When you launch the exam, carefully review the overview pages that provide information about what to expect on the exam, including if labs are available.
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