in a table i have a column wich contain both alpha and numeric values as rows, i want to know which row contain alpha values ,wich row contain numeric values and wich row contain both alphanumeric values.

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Hi team,

I want to know alpha and numeric values of each row in a column,

Without using patindex

Source data:




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  1. MelissaMa-MSFT 24,181 Reputation points

    Hi @Rupa ,

    Please refer to below :

    declare @table table  
    ([column] varchar(100))  
    insert into @table values  
    select [column],CASE   
    WHEN ISNUMERIC([column])=1 THEN 'numberic'  
    WHEN [column] LIKE '%[A-Z]%' and [column] not LIKE '%[0-9]%' THEN 'alpha'  
    WHEN [column] LIKE '%[A-Z]%' and [column] LIKE '%[0-9]%' THEN 'alphanumberic'   
    END AS output   
    from @table  


    column output  
    Abc alpha  
    123 numberic  
    Abc123 alphanumberic  
    456 numberic  
    45adb alphanumberic  

    Best regards,

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  2. Erland Sommarskog 105.9K Reputation points MVP

    Using Melissa's test data:

    declare @table table
     ([column] varchar(100))
     insert into @table values
     SELECT [column], 
            CASE WHEN "column" NOT LIKE '%[^0-9]%' THEN 'Numeric'
                 WHEN "column" NOT LIKE '%[^aA-Z]%' THEN 'Alphaonly'
                 WHEN "column" NOT LIKE '%[^aA-Z0-9]%' THEN 'Alphanum'
                 ELSE 'others'
    FROM  @table
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