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The query below runs for more than three hours to complete. This both the tables have more than 100 millions rows. Please suggest how we can rewrite or tune it.

;With CTE_TO
Select top 10000000 max(ID) as ID, FormID
FROM [DB_history].[dbo.[Form] with (nolock)
Where Code =1 group by FormID
SELECT a.FormID ,b.ODSID as Maxdeleterecord, max(a.ID) as ID
From [DB_History].[dbo].[Form] as a
inner join CTE as b on a.FormID=b.FormID
Group by b.ODSID,a.entrantFormID HAVING max(a.ID) = b.ID

delete b
from [DB.[dbo].[Form] b
where exists (Select 1 from DelMax a where a.FormID=b.FormID)

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    Check the execution plan to see if e.g. a suitable index is used or not = missing index.
    You can share the execution plan by https://www.brentozar.com/pastetheplan/

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