Microsoft Graph sending the same message

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I have a question about Microsoft Graph, I did this next tutorial and currently i'm using it. This is how i'm using it: When someone send me a message i put the body message into a note in a web application but I can see in my Azure Function App that this same message is sending out several times, if i just use the code that's in the example i get a quick 200 response, but when i add part of my code to a class called Notify.cs inside the tutorial project, it sends the message several times, consequently, i get different notes with the same body content.

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Azure Functions
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Microsoft Graph
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    Hi my apologizes, i didn't receive any notification from the 9 days ago message, is still do it that same process, sending out the same message, i was reading that if the message don't receive a 200 status within 3 seconds, microsoft graph would sending it again, and then i read this but i don't know how to return immediately