the processor isn't currently supported for windows 11

Mohd Faisal 6 Reputation points

my pc shows "the processor isn't currently supported for windows 11" but I have -------- Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.70 GHz which is shown as supported processor in the list given by microsoft...
please tell me what to do?????

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  1. Johan K 16 Reputation points

    The list for Windows 11 contains processors that have less capacity and according to helth check the i5-7200U fulfulls all requirements. So why is it not supported? I think I need an explanation.

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  2. Mikhil Muthreja 16 Reputation points

    Yep! My last windows laptop. Own a 4 year old i5-6300U @ 2.40Ghz Surface Book, spent a fortune on this! - only to find out it will not be updated to Windows 11. Microsoft will support Windows 10 with updates till 2025 - NO THANKS!

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  3. Phillip Fries 16 Reputation points

    The MS preclusion of CPUs that aren't even 4 years old yet is stupid and needless (I have a Core i5-7500, this processor was released in Jan of 2017). Does MS even care what this is going to mean for third world countries where businesses are poorer and can't afford all the lastest wiz-bang CPUs that AMD and Intel foist on the market place. Not to mention the landfills in the U.S. And this in the middle of what is estimated to be a world wide 12-18 month CPU chip shortage? The only saving grace is that MS will support Windows 10 until October 14th, 2025 - but there are going to be a lot of people in the world that will not switch to Windows 11 and beyond if this is the game MS is choosing to play. They have multiple-millions of dollars of investments in machines that still have years of productive life left in them. MS can kiss goodbye to a lot of customers as those customers begin switching to Linux as their only viable alternative for making long term use of their hardware investments. 2025 gives those people plenty of time to come up to speed on Linux :>)

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  4. Hemin Ahmed 11 Reputation points

    Core-i7-7500U and it is not supported paid $1100 for my laptop :)
    I am switching to Mac
    Microsoft is doing his business and I am doing my business

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  5. Sumit Kumar 101 Reputation points

    I am also using i5-7200U. This bad that Microsoft is not supporting these processors. They need to start supporting these processors. Or at least they need to explain why they are not supporting these processors.

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