Local AD DS + Microsoft Office 365 E3 + Windows login, options for SSO

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I've been told 2 way sync of AD connect is not possible which means it probably doesn't do anything of what I need it to do. How do modern configurations connect AD DS + Azure AD (Office 365 E3) services if AD connect cannot do a 2 way sync?

My goal is to get Windows Hello for Windows 10/11 login connected to Azure AD and the local DS so that users login to a profile already connected to their Azure AD office.com work/school account. While also being able to configure group policy.

Is this possible? It seems like a really basic configuration. I was looking at AD FS but I'm not sure that's the right path either.

How do my users login to a domain and then not have to sign in again to their Microsoft Office 365 accounts in Windows 10/11 account settings?

I appreciate your time, thank you.

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  1. Clément BETACORNE 2,031 Reputation points


    I think these articles can help you achieve what you want :

    You don't need AD FS to allow access to M365 services when they login on their corporate computers, you have to configure seamless SSO :

    This decision tree will help you choose the best method depending on what you want to achieve :

  2. Clément BETACORNE 2,031 Reputation points

    I can give you some details regarding your use case :

    • Windows Hello for Business (WHfB)
      If you only have 2016 domain controllers you should go to the hybrid key trust scenario
    • Computer management
      You should go hybrid azure ad like that you can still use your existing GPOs and it will be mandatory for WHfB hybrid
    • Azure AD Connect
      If you don't have a requirement to have authentication regarding cloud app to happen onpremise you should go for Password Hash Sync with seamless SSO
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