Windows 11 Incompatible with i5 7200U Processor

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PC Health Check is reporting my laptop to be incompatible with Windows 11 due to my processor being 'unsupported', but it's listed as a supported processor on Microsoft's list. It is the Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.71 GHz processor. All other requirements are met. Is anyone else seeing this with Win11?

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  1. Reza-Ameri 16,861 Reputation points

    Your processor is not listed as the supported processor, I believe you might have observed compatible CPU for Windows 10. The correct website to check compatibility list of CPU for Windows 11 is:
    In this case, I advise you to open Feedback Hub app and file a report and request your CPU becomes compatible, there is no guarantee but filing a report will draw attention for the Windows team and others could upvote it.

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  1. Limitless Technology 39,496 Reputation points

    Hello MsPLG

    Unfortunately the CPU I5-7200U is not on the supported Intel processors list for Windows 11:

    This doesn't mean that doesn't mean that it doesn't meet the minimum requirements, just that Microsoft doesn't fully support the stability running on this processors, and the Upgrade will not be presented for them. However, you will be able to install the system when the ISOs are released, "at your own risk".

    You can check more about the non-compatible or not recommended deployments here:


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  2. Docs 15,491 Reputation points

    There are no incompatibilities.

    Many end users use RAM in an unsupported fashion.

    The supported use of RAM is finding models on the computer or motherboard manufacturer's support list.

    The unsupported use of RAM is the installation of RAM modules that are not displayed on the motherboard Qualified Vendor List (QVL).

    Windows 11 can be installed in a supported or unsupported mode.

    The Windows upgrade assistant checks parameters (CPU, BIOS settings, Drive partitions, TPM, Secure boot, etc.)

    If they pass then it performs a supported upgrade.

    There are multiple websites with members that have performed both upgrades and clean installs on very old hardware.

    This includes desktops, laptops, and tablets.

    These were accomplished either by hiding the computer specifications from the windows upgrade assistant (registry and file changes) or by clean install.

    When an upgrade is performed in supported mode the computer is expected to have significant improvements in performance and security.

    When an upgrade is performed in the non-supported mode or if a clean install is performed the computer may not benefit from the improved performance and security.

    Windows updates and Microsoft updates may not work automatically on unsupported upgrades.

    The other websites reported no problems with automatic windows updates and Microsoft Defender updates.

    Windows 10 is fully supported for the next 4 years.

    End users must evaluate the risks and benefits.

    Options are:

    a) wait to see if the support criteria change
    b) perform an unsupported upgrade
    c) backup important files to another disk drive or the cloud > perform a clean install > restore important files

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  3. Randel Cooprider 6 Reputation points

    I am retired and cannot afford to buy a new computer every few years because a Microsoft won't support my dual core I5 7200U 12 gb ram HP laptop. Remember the jump from Win 7 to Win 10? That was when I bought this laptop around 2018. In 2021 while upgrading to new Microsoft software build the load went south, crashed the computer and the disk had to be wiped with a complete reload being necessary. In 2022 a NEW operating system that I do not need requires a NEW computer. I have spent enough time (wasted) on salvaging their software efforts. If I buy a new computer it won't have a Microsoft operating system.

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  4. Kapil Arya 7,931 Reputation points MVP


    Unfortunately, i5-7200U processor is not compatible for Windows 11, according to Microsoft.

    Please check with official Windows 11 list of supported processors:

    You can drop a feedback to Microsoft about this, using Feedback hub app.