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Screen Recording results in higher CPU usage with Windows Defender ATP

We made an app using Windows.Graphics.Capture APIs to record the screen. My client uses this app and turns out it results in high CPU usage. My client is running Windows Defender ATP in the background. The app generates video every 5 secs and writes to disk and it uploads to the cloud. It seems that Windows Defender ATP is actively running which results in higher CPU usage than Screen recording without Windows Defender ATP.
I am not familiar with Windows Defender ATP and want to understand how the app can run without giving too much alarm to the defender.

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"My client is running Windows Defender ATP in the background." could you explain it, Does your app launch Windows Defender ATP process?

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I meant that our users are running a screen recording app(our app) in the environment where windows defender ATP for enterprise is running.

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Ok, I got it, could mind share your OS version and the app's target and min version, by the way, can you reproduce this problem in your environment?

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