Bing Ads - SubmitReportRequest -> InvalidReportTimeSelection

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I am trying to submit a report request for Bing Ads. I am stuck at the <Time> Attribute. Below is the scenario

<Time i:nil="false">
          <CustomDateRangeEnd i:nil="false">
          <CustomDateRangeStart i:nil="false">
          <PredefinedTime i:nil="false">Yesterday</PredefinedTime>
          <ReportTimeZone i:nil="false">EasternTimeUSCanada</ReportTimeZone>

As per Microsoft documentation we can pass either the CustomDateRange or the PredefinedTime. In my case, If I omit one of them I get the error code 2003 AccountNotAuthorized and if I use both CustomDateRage and PredefinedTime then i get error code 2008 InvalidReortTimeSelection.

I don't understand what I am doing wrong here. I am following the documentation and still not able to figure this out. Can someone please help on this?


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