Expose an API end point inside a .net core console application is this possible

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I am working on a new project which contain 2 main parts:-

1) Schedule service which reads files from SharePoint online and send them to external API

2) The external API will proceed the received documents using AI models >> extract data from the documents >> then Push the extracted data back to our system >> where our system will update SharePoint with the extracted data.
So currently I am defining the technologies that I am going to use, where I define the following: -

1) For point one, I am going to build a .net core console application >> hosted it inside windows server >> schedule it using windows tasks scheduler. This service will read the files from SharePoint using SharePoint API >> send them to the external API.

2) But I am not sure about point 2? How I am going to received the pushed data from the external API inside our system? Can I define an API end point inside my console application? or for this I need to build something like asp.net MVC core hosted inside IIS which exposed some API endpoints to get the pushed data? Keeping in mind that the external API and our system will be installed inside the same windows server.


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  1. AgaveJoe 27,686 Reputation points

    Keeping in mind that the external API and our system will be installed inside the same windows server.

    I can't make heads or tails of you're question. My best guess is you have a Web API application which contains logic you wish to share with a Console application. Class libraries solve this programming problem. Move the logic from the Web API app into a class library then share the library (DLL) with the Web API and Console applications.

    If this does not answer your question, can you clarify the problem?

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  2. Bruce (SqlWork.com) 61,491 Reputation points

    All asp.net core applications are console apps. You can run them standalone or host with IIS. IIS adds support for startup and recovery from a crash.

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