SqLite save to DataBase

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I am trying to save 5 textboxs 1 combo and datetimepicker to a database but the only thing saved is the datetimepicker. I am very confused with this and dont see why this code isn't working any suggestions much appreciated.

private void btn_Save_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

                if (lbl_LibId.Text == "*")
                string sql = "insert into Request (Date, Part_Number, Request_By, Assigned_CC, IC_Analyst, Priority, Comments)" +

                             " values(@Date, @Part_Number, @Request_By, @Assigned_CC, @IC_Analyst, @Priority, @Comments)";

                Request.ExecuteSQL(sql, new[] {

                        new SQLiteParameter("@Date", dateTimePicker1.Text),
                        new SQLiteParameter("@Part_Number", txt_Part_Number.Text),
                        new SQLiteParameter("@Request_By", txt_Count_Request_By.Text),
                        new SQLiteParameter("@Assigned_CC", txt_Assigned_Code.Text),
                        new SQLiteParameter("@IC_Analyst", txt_Analyst.Text),
                        new SQLiteParameter("@Priority", cb_Priority.Text),                       
                        new SQLiteParameter("@Comments", txt_Comments.Text),                         



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