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I have disconnected and also stopped my VM from the portal but the usage costs is still climbing. Why am I being charged when I'm not even signed into my VM?

Azure Cost Management
Azure Cost Management
A Microsoft offering that enables tracking of cloud usage and expenditures for Azure and other cloud providers.
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    There are two states in Azure: “Stopped” and “Stopped (deallocated)

    Azure’s Stopped State
    When you are logged in to the operating system of an Azure VM, you can issue a command to shut down the server. This will kick you out of the OS and stop all processes, but will maintain the allocated hardware (including the IP addresses currently assigned). If you find the VM in the Azure console, you’ll see the state listed as “Stopped”. The biggest thing you need to know about this state is that you are still being charged by the hour for this instance.

    Azure’s Deallocated State
    The other way to stop your virtual machine is through Azure itself, whether that’s through the console, Powershell, or the Azure CLI. When you stop a VM through Azure, rather than through the OS, it goes into a “Stopped (deallocated)” state. This means that any non-static public IPs will be released, but you’ll also stop paying for the VM’s compute costs. This is a great way to save money on your Azure costs when you don’t need those VMs running, and is the state that ParkMyCloud puts your VMs in when they are parked.

    Storage - disk costs
    While the VM is shut down, there is still a storage cost for the disk that is holding the virtual hard drive file, as well as any other data storage disks you may have created, as you are still consuming file storage.

    Virtual machine image & your personal data in Azure.
    To store all this Azure required to storage account. So even if you are shutting down or deallocate VM, you are continuously being charged for disk you are using. Azure even charges you for the Public IP Address which you are using to connect your VM. Any data/traffic goes outside your VM (egress), you will be charge for that too.

    Let me know if the above solution resolved your issue!

    Tasadduq Burney


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